Trying new things

Peace Be Upon To You, Peeeeeeeps!

2016 is some sort of big year for me. I could say it happen that way.


I never know trying new things will always be exciting. I mean, sometimes we wouldnt really expect we could/with courage doing things that never even crossed in our head.

Like for me..
Hiking here and there :P
Wall Climbing
Been on beach during sunrise.
Touch cold sands with my toes
Swimming in between School of fish, oh man, this one is really tremendous!
What else...

Yep, I never had these in mind before.

That was list for big things.
I also tried new small things,
Catch up with new people.
Trying to ride an Uber car (I'm not taxi user person, but I can say, using uber is good)
Propose seat in train for people, regardless is he is a man/woman
Be kind/tolerate
Be understanding
all the small small thing.

I also installed new apps in my fastastic a not-I-phone and try out new thing (I am literally trying this as new thing, Eg: FoodPanda/30 days of work out from home-- you can search it)

So I can say until now, I have sorted few more things that I want to achieve. For myself. Not really a bucketlist, since I prefer to stay with my mom and do some home-bonding-ship with her. (I love her so much) -- We will see la how to achieve it when.

I'm saying all these just because I would like to recommend you guys to have what you want to achieve, and please do make yourself as priority. You need all those. Scrap everything else, own yourself own. Aside of having partner in this life. Which it will take sooooo long(till, do you even exist man?), better you do something else that dont cost you a WAIT. ;)


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