Of working stuff: From Associate Test Analyst to Software Test Engineer

Peace Be Upon To You, Peeeeeeeps!


Tomorrow is my last day in my current company. Thank god I survived. Well, the moment I accept this role I don't even know what I will do in this industry. What I set in my mind is Hasnah you can learn things. Doing mistake is fine, cause you can do better next. Thinking of during the zaman keruntuhan over past 1 year I start working at the industry, I know its not the worst experience, but I can say it was too sad to be reminded again.

For the title above, It is only a title. What we will do, almost everything. So hadap jelah nok.

On the bright side, I felt thankful, due to this experience, I met many people. Tried so much things that I want to do since I was little. Hikmah.

Yang penting, sabar.

Content not as 24 year old women. My apology :)

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