Of Vacation : Pulau Redang

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Peace Be Upon To You, Peeeeeeeps!

Yeay its friday! finally.

Last week I have last minute short vacay, ke Pulau Redang~
Thinking of how I go to Redang, Hehe, I only decided to go 2 days before the event starts. And I have so many difficulties during applying cuti untuk this one thing. Ok let that be.

As long story short, I'll list down the details and some sort of stories/journey so that you guys can have the same/more experience thru this one vacation journey. Cause you need one, trust me, I know..

*Tune in: Once in a while - timeflies*

Resort Name: Redang Reef Resort
Days : 3 Days and 2 Night
Cost : Deposit RM100 (RM305 - as per total)
Accomodation - Include with Ferry ride, Snorkelling 3x, Airconditioner, meal and the view itself (this is my first time being in Island for vacation, so i be sooooo excited)


Enjoy the image. Cause i only have few. I donno macammana nak story -_-'


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