2016, if im not a software tester today, what I would be?

Peace Be Upon To You, Peeeeeeeps!

So this week is the start up for me for being a consultant and serving another new client, and it is for the new year celebration as well. Being a jumping Jack is way too much harder more than I thought, it is all about gaining experience, ruling the game, and knowing how to justify. Each client has their own needs and every single request raised have to be entertained. Sure, I will take it as a challenge anyway...  However, the previous client was a lesson learnt, next, I will do more better, Ok lets put the craps away, far far away.

So, 1 year of working has passed!

After 1 year of chilling, I try to rectify myself, what would I be when I'm  not an IT guy, working in IT company, answer all the technical stuff  and put it into a good word. Damn, that needs so much hard work! Hm... By thinking of that, I have the slightly idea about giving myself a chance to be a TV host?

I always been dreaming all the words beautifully arranged from my mouth, and the video has all the transitions and visual effect. and Me, explaining thing confidently infront of the camera. That what from the upfront situation, I barely know about what is happening from the back end. It sure have lotsa things to do. I might will join any audition and give myself a chance to try this such event later.
Tup tup aku jadi pelakon pulak....

Well, for me, dreaming is good, Good, when you make it as ambition. Then when you have it, turn it into a challenge for you, take it seriously. Do it honestly. So that all your hard work will pays off, when you tired, you know why -- that was the satisfaction that you will need.

I still feel thankful for what I have today, During the payday, just dont forget to reward yourself, appreciate yourself, pats your own back. Do challenge yourself some more, Earn more. Thats all ;)

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