Bucketlist (2016)

Seems like my 23th years of living has began to its end. Let us start on what we have not yet finish. Thus, I've prepared few things in my list so that I can see that I still can make it on 2017.

(Hasnah Bucketlist)
During my 20th I have put my previous list in this blog and and the post has already been deleted, I could not remember most of the items. And I feel like I want to re-build it again. From my point of view, lets put it small and countable, so that I could reach it. Because when I have too much, I'm greedy. Let us put it that way.

1) Go to Mabul for Holiday

2) Finish the rest of Tabur

3) Gunung Ledang 

4) Air Terjun 

5) Buy a house instead of rent

6) Buy a car (with Cash)

So far this is what I could think of. theres list of mountains in my mind. But! I not dare that much so yeah :D

Note: I'll create a bucket list page, and pile everything up there. So, this post no more recent plan. :( Till then people

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