posting on another motivation of mine.

we never know unless we are go through the things.
life is more more different than we think it is. well, its not like we will suffer because of it. it will be more like we will get a challenger.

and what challenge us, will make us learn. and that is how your life upgraded one level higher.

some tips about how to go through the things.

1) study.
when you are have to or will face any obstacle. learn about it. go Google it. collect as much as u could from others' opinion.

2) be motivated to either follow how people will do it, or think the step on your own. just make sure, what from your thinking is being referred to those who have did the thing before.

3) the answer will be here, either you will be failed and lesson learn. or you succeed.

mistake is for the learner. you never fail. but you learn. Let yourself be as your very own experiment. :)

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