What those interns really did when they are at their workplace.

Peace Be Upon To You, Peeeeeeeps!


What those interns did when they are at their workplace, and pretend like a real worker. By the way theeeseeee scenario only happened in Malaysia, or maybe only from my workplace. as I experienced it. Been through those thing for a month so far.

1) Learning English

Some people... kengkadang background nak syok syok je nak smooth je cakap Inggris kat hopis padahal tak reti. No, I mean like tak fluently speaking. Tweet utk 140 charssss boleh lah

Tweet like "This office was frrrrrreeeaaakkking cold, I cannot bear *emoticon wink*"
Sembang dengan ofismate "Today so cold ah?" "ha?" "nothing.."
Dalam hati "wehhhh Juq baq hang!"

kes yang tadi pulak, berlaku sedemikian rupe.

"Stacey, hi! I already submit the announcement for twentieth... twenyieth... twen twen of May punya announcement"
"It's twentieeeeeth, yeeeethhh." sambil lidah buat huruf tsa. alip, ba, ta, tsa. Do you get it?
"Ok I can teach you English after this. Keep talking for 3 month." <<<< Stacey punya respond.

sebelum balik.

*closes all tabs* *thinking what to say to boss before going back"

"Hi Mr Foo, I already finish those 8 announcement. The rest I'll do it tomorrow lah"

what tomorrow? Got best award for intern of the year ah? Where those rajin coming from, bukan kau ni malas ke nak pegi kelas dulu. Aduhai *speak to myself like that*

2) Work well with their drawer.

I dont know why on earth I lock my drawer during I was in the office.

Oh maybe because, I got....some precious things on the trustable drawer. Something like Milo alas perut, pen sebatang, buku tulis bekas nota 5 jenis subjek, hand bag yang dah lusuh, Novel some more (but got no time to read them) ah why I'm doing this.

3) Thinking where to makan LUNCHEON

tak guna sapa create perkataan ni. Gua budak sekolah, mana ada duit nak makan dekat story of peri peri hari hari.

4) Should continue this later, when I already grew some idea. Need to sleep early, got to work tomorrow.

Hella, I never remember to write for logbook.
Till then fellas

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