I never thought any of these. My simple mistake, which simple problem i have made. I try to make it up.
Alone. Yes, with my housemates, senpai(s) yang ramai gila, abah mak, siblings's, with their supportive words. Booster kawaw kaw lah.

With so many decisions that i have to make. I choose to give up, and wake up again, and cry, and wake up again. Simple word i can conclude. This semester is not the toughest, but. I have the feeling that, it is tough enough for me.

in the other word,
They knocked the door three time with different 'new friends'.
and people open it up for me, and saying "you can beat it up"

I'm just a kid who are just figure out things.
Need some time to grow up.
A little more. just to digest all the stuff,
and try to face it, no crying no more.

but again, for not prepare for these this time, I blame me myself all the time.

A good experience though.
May Allah make me stay put, and never give up. Always.

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