more dramas, and it is in series : too much upside down things

it been awhile.
since i have shared everything, here. and there.

like a lot.

time by time, everyone has grown up. really big i can see. and everything has been changed.
from attire, body size, maturity, and life management.
or maybe they have changed more. and more.

and i dont spend any 'words' here anymore.

i like it that way,
personality builded by how you manage everything around you.
things happened and, its you who can control it. dont let it stand for your life, or you will ruin it. you will ruin your life.

i'm missed my crazy blog too.
that one which i have deleted every older posts because i am too embarrassed, yeah i hate read my stupidness. lol.

someone changed me, He changed me.
and finally i can think. but, not really.

i leave myself silent on purpose.
to be too be careful,

or to be too upset. ..... about everything, or maybe not everything.

btw, everything is around the corner. i can see my tiny efforts and struggles really depending on my passion.

p/s too much melodramatic tone. sorry, im so into with the mood
nak cakap benda lain, cakap benda lain aduh

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