more dramas, and it is in series : it is a solution, for real.

I always needed some motivations after i had enough with all the efforts and when it seems like doesn't work at all. After a big sigh, i put everything down, and let them go just follow the flow.
right after a long pause, i really need to think again. who am i doing this to. I mean what is my intention, why must sigh, when your effort is so priceless and you almost get into your goals.

Abah was so right. He pumped up all my weaknesses to a strength with his words. Which is very thoughtful.

Intention, and goals.
Both are directly because of Allah, which is our doings is because of Him. and we have nothing to regret about when we know, He will never gonna put us down if we depending on Him everytime, raise our hand for du'as and boost the effort. Like you are gonna doing this things, once in your lifetime.

And two. Did our doings is useful for people out there?
three,  this is Amanah to us, to be as khalifah, and lead the world.

weh, my dad have this far away thinking and idea. why i can't even thought any of it.

I personally, i really need these boosters hanged all over my room so that i will be reminded.


"and i dont spend any 'words' here anymore." I guess i pulled back this sentence. hee
I am so inspired, just instagrammed this picture this morning. hehe.
Yeah. Till end.

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