An essay about : Happiness.

Assalamualaikum, Salam sejahtera, dan selamat datang ke blog yang berpost yang ke empat.

Hari ini saya akan bercakap tentang kegembiraan. 

 *tiba tiba, diri ku bertukar menjadi minah salleghh *twisttongue*
 *and hey, it will be the shortest and lightest-reading to you. just take it easy.


Do you know what is happiness? how to achieve your happy moment? What is the most important thing in achieving your happiness? In our daily routine?

And the best question is, How to have a happy life in islamic way? Here, I have some points about how to be happy as a courage muslim. 

First of all.

plan your day and straighten your niyat, why you have to do this, when is the suitable time, is your activity is good or not, you must think before you do anything. And the best desicion is what ever thing that you will do is, must because of Allah. and you will not frustrated with the result which Allah is where you are belong to.


Starts all of your acts with Basmalah, in your routine, basmalah is a key to things that you will do later on. InsyaAllah, it will full with blessing from Allah, and your work will went well.


Put the reasonable attitude in your acts. Whether in giving ideas or, helping friends or, lunch together or, even offering place for the elders in public transportation, or else. Good things will happen to you if you, did a good things.


When you are home, think about what you have done today, what you learn or get today, and what you give today. Allah is teaching you by that way, and say Alhamdulillah. If there has some hardship in your day, take it as lesson for your next day. 

so i conclude my essay with how to be a happy person in islamic way?
It happen with you plan your day, straighten your intention, start all things with bismillah, do your job, done?  say alhamdulillah. for today. 
Tomorrow? do the same thing.


when you are going through something hard and you start wondering where Allah is, just remember...
The Teacher is always quiet during a test

Be a happy muslim that everyone ever seen!
Arakian, sekian lah tazkirah bukan dari imam suhaibb web tapi diriku yang kerdil ini, maka, ditutup tazkirah hari ini dengan tasbih kifarah dan suratul asr. Assalamualaikum.

*semua ni notetoself. :D

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