How to be strong at your level

Peace Be Upon To You, Peeeeeeeps!

It has been awhile, I should get going to finish my tasks (home tasks, work tasks) these two is really burden me. As I am still at my young age, have to face it no matter what. Learning curve, remember?

To start everything over, I should take a deep breathe.

Okay, here is 10 of my list.

 1) Know your weakness. Empowering your weakness
 2) Share your problem. To anyone you trust. For me basically, one I think is a sister to me.
 3) Give, anything. Just anything you have.
 4) Share, learn new knowledge
 5) Learn your own level of acceptance. If there is no tolerancy, do it by using your communication skills.
 6) Forgive and reflects.
 7) List out all the good outcome, make it a journal. Tulis yang baik baik je.
 8) Be thankful.
 9) Be selective in term of friends, and whom you are sharing with.
 10) Kick the old ass, another day passed, you must go for another day.
 11) Manage your time.


A smart person knows what to say. A wise person knows when to say it.

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