His advise

Peace Be Upon To You, Peeeeeeeps!

I look at him as big bro, So, I listen to his advise.

As a youngster, you should read more.
As a youngster, improve yourself by reading
As a youngster, you will always be panic. Keep calm. Think of something else at the moment.
Tuhan ciptakan otak kita special. You will get it done later.
As a youngster, Make an initiative, your soft skills is there.
As a youngster, enjoy little things, that doesn't cost you money.
As a youngster, refrain your self from look at the phone in the morning. Family first
As a youngster, sketch, write all you idea. buy 1 book for your record. As you have learn new thing everyday, write up!

then... to be a good test engineer....

k nope. I prefer to work as human.

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